About me

Roseybelle was created as a combination of the two words which hold the greatest symbolism for me - first is Rose, the name of my grandmother, who passed away in 2009., and to whom I dedicate this blog, also my favorite sort of flowers, and in the end, Rose is the name of my favorite princess (Aurora or Briar Rose) and the second one is Belle which symbolizes beauty.

If you like my posts - take a few moments of your time and comment, it means the world to me to hear your feedback and opinions :)

Some facts about me:

Favourite beauty brands (drugstore): Bourjois, L'oreal & Wet 'n' Wild
Favourite beauty brands (high end): L'occitane, Lancome & Urban Decay
Fashion brands that I love: H&M, Orsay, Takko fashion, Zara
My skin type: pale, combination skin - it's oily in the t-zone and dry in other areas, also extremely sensitive and prone to redness
My hair type/colour: long, thin hair that gets greasy easily; my current hair colour is dark blonde with light highlights (ombre)
Random facts: I love Disney, the color pink, red pandas are my favorite animals, and I'm a huge fan of tv shows such as Supernatural, Hannibal and Game of Thrones

All of the opinions stated here are purely subjective - I am in no way an expert makeup artist or a professional, just a girl who shares her passion with the world.

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