Essie - Under Where?



As promised long before, this will be a review of my favorite spring nail polish shade. I'm talking of course, as the title suggests, about Essie's lilac beauty that goes by the funny name - Under Where? My friend and I are always making jokes on the subject of nail polish shade names and how it would be a perfect job to get to name these. Imagine if you just sat there the whole day contemplating about a fun but memorable name for a nail polish. Perfection.

As all of you are probably aware - Essie is one of the most popular nail polish brands in the world - and I am a completely devoted to them. Out of all nail polishes that I have tried throughout the years, Essie has always been number one.

The first Essie that I ever got was a nice nude/gray/mauve shade Demure Vixen. Thank you Sanja. :) The quality amazed me and I was instantly in love. A year later, another Essie was given to me (I have great friends really :D) - Cute As A Button. This is probably my all time favorite nail polish shade and I wear it throughout the year - thank you Jelena <3

So now that we established my love for Essie let's get on to this shade. Under Where? is a nice orchid lilac shade, it's not too bright or too dark, but in my opinion a perfect combination of both. It is definitely a spring shade because it just screams flowers and freshness.

Despite that, I will probably wear it in the summer too. It's just too cute to give up on. I would love to have a dress of  the same color or if I ever imagined a perfect wedding I think everything would be in combinations of white and this shade! It's feminine but also not too girly, romantic but also sophisticated.

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Remy Hair Extensions - review and pictures


Hello everyone!

This review is going to be a bit different than my standard reviews because this is the first time that I will review a hair item that is not in the "hair care" category and because this is the first time I ever had a chance to try out hair extensions*.

I have to say that I have always been a bit sceptical about putting something that's not my real hair into my hair and you just seemed unnatural. Even with wigs that I use for cosplaying it never felt really natural and comfortable. But luckily this time - I was positively surprised.

The extensions that I got are from a website which you can visit if you click HERE.

For Slovenian readers the page is HERE and the international page can be found HERE.

And the ones that I chose were these - CLICK. Ash blonde and quite long they seemed the most natural to me. As you can see for yourself these extensions are quite expensive and probably not that affordable by many. Luckily, I recieved them as a PR sample so this was a great chance to try them out for free!

I would like to tell you something about the brand first - the brand that I was sent is Remy. It is considered to be the highest quality (natural, human) hair that is used for making wigs and extensions. This means that you can curl, straighten, wash and blow dry this hair without any fear of it being burnt (well, I guess you should treat it like you would your real hair).

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Daenerys Targaryen cosplay - Sferakon 2014.


Hello everyone!

This weekend was really awesome and a bit tiring for me. I finally got to wear my Dany dress which was fun because people recognized the costume and were happy to see it. They were excited to take their pictures with me because they love the character and it was such a great experience!
It was a nice feeling to receive so much positive energy from Game of Thrones fans!

I'm really happy with how the dress turned out especially considering this is the first time I ever made a costume by myself. It wasn't perfect - the fabric could have been better but altogether it turned out just fine.

One of my next posts will be a tutorial in how to make this dress - and I hope it will be helpful for your Halloween parties or whatever occasions you have planned. I was also thinking on doing a youtube video, my first one, in which I would show my costume and a small tutorial for Dany's makeup. How about that?


There were so many great costumes on this years Sferakon. If you had visited us, you might have seen Little Mermaid, characters from Sailor Moon - Sailor Saturn and Neptune, Skyrim characters, Beetlejuice with Lydia and a lot of Lord of the Rings costumes. They were all well made and looked great!

So on Saturday an unexpected but great thing happened - I won a reward for the best Game of Thrones costume and this was a true pay off for all of my hard work. The goodies bag that I got is really cute and has a lot of nice things for us crazed fans!

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L'oreal Prodigy 5 - 10.21 Porcelain


Hello dearies!

I have something different for you today and that is the review of the new hair color line by L'oreal called the Prodigy 5. Since my recent visit to a hair salon didn't end up so well (read: I was furious with my new hair color) I decided to take the things into my own hands at least until my hair recovers well enough to visit another hair dresser.

So what happened? Being unsatisfied with my roots showing I decided that I wanted a change in color. Something lighter but still natural - and what happened was that my hair dresser - after we agreed on highlights, left the bleach sit on my head for too long (nearly an hour - and my hair usually gets lighter within 10-15 minutes). This resulted in white, unnatural looking highlights, damaged hair and complete disaster. Needless to say I was angry and upset because she didn't even want to fix the damage done but instead kept convincing me how good it looked. And ladies you know that we all know when our hair doesn't look ok :D

Long story short, after a lot of negotiating with myself, I decided to get a drugstore hair dye to repair the damage and to make my hair color look more even and natural, without the highlights sticking out of an orange base color.

I knew about L'oreal's Prodigy 5 line because I used their shade 8.34 Sunset before on me and my mom and it was a lovely shade which didn't cause any damage to my hair. They are permanent hair dyes and contain no ammonia which is really good. I love this new oil technology in hair coloring - especially in brands such as Inoa and Majirel (both L'oreal lines).

This time I chose a lighter shade- 10.21 Porcelain - which is a very light blonde shade. This shade seemed nice on other bloggers pictures so I felt like it was the right color for me at least until I visit a hair salon and get my hair done properly.

This hair dye was bought at a Kozmo store at a discount for 5-6$ (35kn).

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Wet n Wild - Just Peachy


Hello everybody!

I have been a bad blogger. Instead of writing the review of my favorite spring nail polish shade (Essie's Underwhere) I'm doing this review. Why you ask? Because I was stupid enough to forget to bring the nail polish home with me and now, without pictures, I can't really do a post until I come back to Zagreb.

But don't worry, this makeup product is just as lovely and I'm so happy that I finally have it in my collection. As soon as I saw the pictures and reviews I knew I had to have it so yesterday I finally bought it, well actually, my mom bought it for me <3

I believe you're all familiar with the Wet n Wild brand, and if not, you really should be! They are an affordable, high quality brand with an array of makeup products - ranging from lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes, mascaras, can really find whatever you need on their shelves. Too bad you can't really get them at most drugstores in Croatia, so this lipstick was bought at an Accesories store, because that was the only place where it hasn't been sold out.

If you want to support the brand in Croatia - give them a thumbs up (like) on their FB page - Wet n Wild Croatia!

On to the review!

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Daenerys Targaryen makeup look

Hello everyone!

As I already mentioned on FB, there will be an SF and fantasy convention here in Zagreb soon, so I will be attending it (like I did for the last four years). This year I decided to do a Daenerys cosplay, specifically based on the Qarth scenes. In this post I will show you the makeup part and how it turned out!

Here are some reference pictures that I used while trying to mimic Dany's makeup:

So as you can see she has a really light complexion but her cheeks have a touch of rose color, the same goes for her lips and her eyes are really deep, I guess she has a light smokey eyes effect on them + some eyeliner and mascara. Keep in mind that the camera eats away a lot of makeup. She also appears to be tanned, like the sun has hit her skin lightly, and I love that glowing aura that she gives away in these scenes.

Altough I'm not Emilia Clarke's twin or look-alike, I wanted to recreate her Daenerys look while trying to stay true to my specific features and facial structure. And in the next part of the post you will be able to see my version of Daenerys. This makeup is done for costume/cosplay purposes, I don't wear this on my typical day.

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