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After a week, I'm back here in the civilized internet world. :) And I have to say I missed it, especially writing the blog posts. But at least I enjoyed some nature while being down there so I guess everything as always has it pros and cons.

Enough of my ramblings, today's post will be dedicated to the famous moisturizer by La Roche Posay which I have been using for the last couple of months. This review is designed to help you get some info on this moisturizer, but as always, keep in mind these are my private, personal impressions, each of us has a different skintype and of course you can't expect us to like the same skincare products.

With that said, I'm going to tell you what I liked and what I disliked about the Effaclar Duo+ and why would I buy it again (or wouldn't).

If you read my Vichy Aqualia Thermal post you are aware of my skintype but in case you haven't, let's start with that!

In case you didn't know that, Effaclar Duo+ is an older brother of the Effaclar Duo moisturizer. It is supposed to be improved and even better than the old one.

La Roche Posay wrote this about Effaclar Duo+:

  • New texture: fresh gel-cream, 24hr hydratation and long lasting mattity. Absorbs quickly for a non-sticky, non-oily finish.
  • Corrects the appearance of imperfections.
    Unclogs blocked pores.
    Fights against marks.
Here you can see the gel texture mentioned; the smell is nice, soothing and really feels like it's a nurturing medicine type product.

On the next picture you can see the tube which is really practical and hygienic, also, I took a picture of the ingredients in case someone was interested. I'm not a pharmacist or a chemist so most of these mean nothing to me, but zinc and salicylic acid are usually used in treating acne/problem skin since they dry out the skin.

My skintype:

  • combination skin (oily t zone, dry cheeks)
  • sensitive
  • prone to imperfections
  • prone to allergies and redness

The reasons I bought Effaclar Duo + ?

  • I started getting acne/imperfections out of nowhere
  • My skin got weird pigmentation marks, like it was covered in red spots
  • I felt I needed a change in my skincare routine
  • Wanted to try a pharmacy, antibacterial product

And now that you know all that, I will give you my positive and negative impressions so that you can decide for yourself whether this moisturizer is worth buying or not.

Positive  - reasons to buy it

  • dries out heavy imperfections thus reducing them
  • helps with troubled skin by removing the oils and clogged pores
  • helps prevent future acne
  • reasonable price for a pharmacy product


Negative - why I would not buy it again

  • it dried out my skin in the areas where it was already dry
  • I got even more redness than before because my skin was extremely dried out
  • the wow effect didn't reach me, my skin was almost the same as before
  • it's not suitable for my skin type and preferences, my skin started itching and felt terrible

So yep as you can see buying this moisturizer was a mistake for me. It dried out my skin, and yes, it removed some imperfections but they weren't so bad that they needed a treatment this agressive. This is a very strong moisturizer made for people with acne troubles, and if you just have a few zits here and there, avoid this. I guess it would be ok for people whose skin is extremely oily, but for me it didn't work out. Sorry LRP, our love didn't last! :(

Did you try Effaclar Duo+ yet? Did you like it? Share with me!

Until next time, 

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  1. Still haven't tried it, but preparing to try :) Now I'm sceptic cause I have dry skin and I don't want to have it worse than it is O.o
    I won it in one of their giveaways :D

    1. Yep maybe it's better to try it out on a small part of your skin to see the reaction, it's really not an everyday moisturizer, but could help with acne or larger zits. :)

    2. Luckily I don't have a problem with acnes only small zits, but I do have one scar that I could use this on :)

    3. I don't know if it will work on scars :/ for scars, in my opinion, it's best to use cantarion (ulje gospine trave po nasem), prirodno i ne steti!

  2. Well, this might help (hope so) - if you have dry, extremely dehydrated or very sensitive skin yet prone to imperfections, than apply any product from the Effaclar range only and strictly onto the imperfections, e.g.acne. Just think logically, if you have dry skin you don't want to put something which is intended for oily skin all over your face . Just target it directly onto blemishes and congested parts of your skin and you should be fine and experience all the benefits from this type of product. Good luck! :)
    BTW check your allergy levels thoroughly, you might be allergic to salicylic acid.

    1. You're right that is logical :) and I have been doing that ever since I got that weird rash. I don't think I'm allergic to salicylic acid since I have used products with it before and they never bothered me :/ but something definitely irritates my skin in Effaclar duo. :( thanks for your comment and advice!!

  3. Frendica koja ima isti tip kože kao i ti je došla do potpuno istih zaključaka, i nju je isušilo. očito je samo oni s masnom kožom mogu stavljati na cijelo lice...meni je dala malo da isprobam ciljano na par bubuljica što mi se bilo pojavilo, ali me iskreno nije impresionirala, isto mi djeluju i oni obični gelovi sa salicilnom tipa Hyalurospot od Vichya.

    1. Pa da, nije nista posebno stvarno, Garnier ima hrpu krema sa salicilnom i djeluju bolje od ove. :/ zao mi je jer sam velike nade polagala u nju :( ali ocito cu se i dalje drzati Garniera...

  4. Imam Effaclar Duo i iako su i za njega mnogi pričali da je preagresivan ja tu agresiju, hvala Bogu, nisam osjetila na svom licu. Mooždaa kupim ovu kremicu nakon što potrošim ovu koju imam :D

    1. Pokusaj, mozda ti bude odgovarala, ovaj je jos jaci od Effaclara...ali nekima je stvarno odlican :)

  5. Hm, meni je masna skroz pa me možda ne bi isušila, šta misliš? Nekako mi se čini da bi djelovalo skroz !

  6. Pa ako imas problematicnu kozu, pokusaj! Meni nije isusila podrucje brade koje je masno, dapace, uklonila je pristice od tamo. Tako da pokusaj, mozda da potrazis tester u ljekarni pa testiras na malom dijelu koze prvo?

  7. ja živim u uvjerenju da ti imaš suhu kožu, ne mješovitu hehe
    vidim da ova krema ima jako dobre i jako loše učinke na kožu, ali ipak mislim da ću ju preskočiti i potražiti nešto nježniji proizvod :)
    super recenzija :)

    1. Hvala :) ma vjerojatno i imam...najvise mi je suha zapravo :/ ali ova krema je ipak agresivna i za te novce ima i boljih proizvoda :(

  8. Krcato silikonom, fuj. Ne znam sto bi me moglo natjerat da to stavim na lice, kamo li kupim.

    1. Mene su natjerale pozitivne recenzije drugih blogerica, no nazalost nije mi odgovarala :)

  9. Replies
    1. Eto super znaci ipak nekima odgovara :)

  10. I used the original La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo and loved it, but I couldn't see myself using it as moisturizer, I used it as a serum (I've got dehydrated acne-prone normal skin, not dry)! Would this one be suitable as serum too? By the way, I love your blog.

    Jimmy |

    1. I wouldn't recommend it if your skin is dehydrated, maybe you should skip it after all. It might dry out your skin even more. :/



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