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Hello everyone! 

It's good to be back. I was absent for a week because I had some issues that needed to be resolved, regarding my graduation paper and so on. Also, I was busy trying to find the perfect material for my Daenerys blue Qarth dress which I will be making for a video tutorial and an upcoming convention here in Zagreb. I finally got the fabric and the craftsman foam for her belt and shoulder pieces. The wig has already been ordered so yay, pretty excited about all that! I just have to figure out what type of makeup I want to wear while cosplaying Dany; it could be hard to accomplish her effortless and natural beauty.

On to the review!

Vichy's Aqualia Thermal (Night Spa) is a rejuvenating night cream which received so many positive reviews in the past, it would have been a shame not to try it myself. At the time (2 months ago) I was just looking for a night moisturizer and this seemed like the perfect choice.

Why you ask?

Because I've been looking for a moisturizer which won't make my skin oily, but will give it hydration, also I needed something light, with a gel texture because I didn't want my pores to get all clumped, causing me breakouts the other day. I came across two moisturizers that seemed ok, first was the Antipodes night treatment (with avocado and pear) and the second one was this night spa treatment from Vichy.

Read more if you want to find out my impressions...

I believe that two months testing is enough for making some impressions and to give some sort of feedback. Of course, the longer you test something the more accurate results you get, but since nothing dramatically changed from the first time I applied this I was thinking I could give this review a go and tell you what effects can you expect from this moisturizer.

But first, what does Vichy say about this treatment?

"Experience the benefits of a spa treatment, conveniently at home in just one night. Wake up to skin deeply replenished, visibly rested, radiant and plumped."

Ingredients wise, this is listed as a:

Tested under dermatological control and on Asian sensitive skin.

Also, the application process is a bit different since this is a "spa treatment" (I only figured this out like two weeks from using, but nevertheless, here are the instructions):

An expert application technique, developed by Vichy Spa's skin experts, for optimal results:

1. Apply a thick layer to face and neck (1-3 times per week)
2. Close your eyes, and let this fresh aqua-gel infuse the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Breathe in and take the time to appreciate the refreshing feeling of the product.
3. Gently massage any excess onto the skin.
4. Place your thumbs on the temples and the ring fingers in-between the eyebrows and apply a relaxing pressure.

So as you can see, the moisturizer is supposed to make your skin more rested, plump, hydrated and all those good things we are hoping to get from a night treatment right?

First I will tell you my skin type, then my impressions and then give you a brief conclusion of the review!

My skin type:

  • Sensitive
  • Prone to acne and breakouts
  • Dry at cheeks, oily in the t-zone
  • Combination skin 
  • Prone to allergic reactions

My impressions:

  • It definitely made my skin plumper from first application (and firmer, like I had a botox treatment)
  • From the moment I applied this treatment, I could feel the cooling sensation all over my face which is really comfortable and relaxing
  • Whenever I applied it, I felt like I was giving my skin water and this feeling is amazing - gel texture makes it feel so light, it's almost like a serum!
  • I had less red spots in the morning and my breakouts calmed down
  • My skin seemed brighter and more refreshed than it usually looks like in the morning
  • The moisturizer gave me much needed hydration and this effect lasted until I washed my face and applied my other day cream
  • When compared to other night treatments, Aqualia Thermal suited my skin type perfectly and my skin always looked better after application
  • It's paraben free and non comedogenic - suitable for people with sensitive and acne prone skin



The downsides:

  • It could be expensive for some - 35-40$ for 75 ml of product (203kn)
  • The effect doesn't last - as soon as you wash it off, your skin goes back to it's usual self
  • The smell is kind of artificial and unpleasant (to me at least)



When faced with all the pros and cons I would definitely recommend this night treatment. It is one of the best I have ever tried and my skin is not easy to please, trust me. The price could be a downside for most people, but if you look at it the bright way - you often give this sort of money for clothes and shoes, why not invest in your skin? The treatment can last for a long amount of time, actually after two months use, I don't even see it missing from the jar. It is because this is not a usual moisturizer and you won't need much product because of the watery gel like texture.

Have you tried this moisturizer? Which one are you using at the moment? 
Until next time,

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  1. Nisam isprobala ovu kremu, ali mi se sviđa šta je gelaste teksture. Kad zatopli krenem koristiti fluide i serume, jer mi većina krema bude previše hidratantna i onda mi se koža masti. Trenutno koristim od Guerlaina Super Aqua serum (light) i za sad sam prezadovoljna.

    1. Da, meni cak i tokom zime vise odgovara ovaj tip kreme :) ako ces htjeti promjenu, mislim da te ova nece razocarati!

  2. jako volim ovu kremicu, ali meni je i miris lijep i ne djeluje mi tako umjetno :/

    1. Da, jos sam negdje procitala da je nekom miris bio fin, a meni se nazalost nije svidio :(( ali to je najmanji problem, krema je odlicna :)

  3. super mi djeluje ova krema, ali ipak mi je malo preskupa :) tako da ću nastaviti jeftinije kupovati :)
    sviđa mi se što je lagana i ne izaziva akne :D

    1. Ako se ikad odlucis nesto isprobati od Vichy-a mislim da s ovim ne mozes pogrijesiti, budes ju probala jednom kod mene :D

  4. Trenutno koristim serum, dnevnu kremu i mlijeko za čišćenje iz kolekcije Aqualia Termal i jako sam zadovoljna :D Razmišljala sam i o ovoj noćnoj kremi i baš mi je drago što si napisala recenziju i što je krema gelasta i lagana jer bi mi takva odgovarala. Inače izbjegavam noćne kreme jer su sve premasne za moju masnu kožu i teške su mi na licu pa rađe nanesem dnevnu kremu u debljem sloju. Mislim da bi mi ova krema odgovarala i moram nabaviti uzorak da ju isprobam :D Odlična recenzija :)

    1. Hvala puno drago mi je da ti se svidjela recenzija!! :) ma ako ti ovo odgovara sve onda ce ti i ovo bit super sigurno. Ja bas razmisljam i o dnevnoj kremi. Kakva je ona?

    2. Dnevna krema je meni odlična, lagana je, brzo se upija i dobra je podloga puderu, samo je po meni nedostatak što nema spf

  5. da je vichy jeftiniji, pa ja mislim da bih ja sve živo pokupovala od njih. ok, ne kažem da su im svi proizvodi savršeni, ali većina koju sam isprobala, stvarno mi je pomogla! i najiskrenije odlična recenzija i baš bi htjela isprobati ovu kremu!

    1. Hvala ti! :) ma jednom kad ustedis, isprobaj, isplati se, trajat ce ti mjesecima jer jako malo treba i vodenasta je, a efekt je divan <3

  6. obožavam ovu kremu i iskreno ne znam hoću i je ikad potrošiti, nikada joj kraja. također ju koristim i kao masku i fantastično djeluje i tako.

    1. Da, pa stvarno dugo traje, vjerujem da ce mi ovim tempom izdrzati jos barem dva mjeseca...tako da se isplati kupovina. Moram isprobati i kao masku, to jos nisam :)

  7. Bila mi je super i kao krema i kao maska pa sam ju dosta brzo potrošila jer ju je moja koža nenormalno upijala.

    1. Onda ti je stvarno dosta suha koza bila, meni je isto odlicna i odmah se osjecam oporavljeno nakon sto je stavim :)


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