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I have something very different for you today and if it works out, I will be doing a lot more of these posts in the future. I was a bit sceptical about doing this since I know most of you reading my posts are makeup or fashion lovers, and tv series are maybe boring or uinmportant to some of you reading this right now. But seeing that watching tv shows is a big part of my daily life routine, it would be unfair not to give that part its own section and see where it takes me.

The idea was this: to give you a brief analysis of the specific tv show in each post and then at the end, show my interpretation through makeup. They won't necessarily be makeup looks you can wear every day, just think of them as an artistic expressions.

I will only be doing these for tv shows that I truly like and that have left some impact on me, such as this one, the True Detective.

Associating tv series with art and then, with possible makeup looks, first came into my mind while watching NBC's Hannibal (he will get one of these soon). It is amazing how the directors and art directors and actors all work together to create a synthesis of visual and sound effects for you to enjoy. How well played that is and how certain interiors or clothes reflect moods and ideas of the characters. When I saw the first episode of the True Detective, I knew the same thing was happening again, but this time I decided to do something with it and transform it into my own idea. Let's start with an analysis of the show and the artistic mythology behind it! Read more if you're interested in this!

Ok, so let's go from the beginning as it is the usual way to do things - first thing you will see when watching the True Detective is the intro music. And you know how usually intros to tv shows are just boring or you just wanna skip to the good part and not watch the intro every single time? Well, with True Detective, I watched the intro not only every time that I watched the show but also a lot of times on Youtube and in various other occasions. The song is called Far From Any Road and is performed by The Handsome Family. You can listen to it while reading this, it would be fun to get your mood right and gloomy!

Are you listening yet? Ok so this song is perfect for the show in so many ways! First of all the genre is modern country music which reflects the rural Louisiana perfectly. It is also a bit dark, sad but also deep and introspective - which are the adjectives you can easily use to describe the atmosphere in the show as well. Conclusion: I like it a lot!

Postmodernist take on a tv show

I will start this description by saying - this is a postmodern show in every possible meaning of the word. First of all, the title itself is sort of ironic - True Detective - making a spin off of all the other detective shows we've seen in the past. It's a part of a meta-genre; meaning that it goes behind the usual detective stories and instead explores the very idea of making such tv shows, of creating the narrative, of creating the characters. It is important to keep that in mind since the title might fool you - a lot of people hearing it will probably think "'s just another Midsomer Murders" and bingo - that is what the director probably wanted.

In other words - the title is meaningless - as it can mean everything and nothing at the same time. There are no "true" detectives in this story and there is no classical story either - just bits and pieces that make a lot of small narratives. This relativization and breaking up with the big story narratives are crucial parts of postmodernistic thought. I won't go any deeper into analysis than this as it would be boring maybe, and you can always look it up for yourself - the main idea is - instead of CONSTRUCTING the story - we are DECONSTRUCTING the very idea of existence of something called "detective genre" or "detective tv shows". Keep that in mind while watching the True Detective as otherwise, you may find yourself looking for meanings that aren't there.

The whole series is imagined as an anthology, meaning that after this season you will get a new season with new characters, new plot and new directors. Sounds different? American Horror Story recently revived this trend, and I like the idea so far.


If you read the previous section you will know why it's hard to make a cohesive plotline out of this show. But let's give it a go: we're following the stories of two detectives - Rustin Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) in three different timelines - all at the same time. But don't worry, it's not as confusing as it sounds.

HBO's property

The first plotline is the two of them in 1995. finding the body of a young girl called Dora Lange after she's been killed in a weird, ritualistic kind of way. They are following all sorts of clues and are talking to lots of different relatives and people before they get a grip on what's going on in quiet and peaceful Louisiana woods.

We find out about this plotline from their current, modern day perspective - as they are both (Cohle and Hart) being questioned inside police headquarters. It is apparent that they've changed - some for better some for worse (not talking physical appearance here) and that we have no idea why or when this change happened.

Well it happened in 2002. and that is the third plotline. I won't tell you what happened but this you can have: they both quit working for the police and are called in again for help. You see the postmodernism yet? I can't even explain the story plot in a straight line, no, it's more like a maze, a spiral of time - which we will mention again in the mythology part.


When I mentioned earlier that this show is not about the cohesive detective's story it meant that this story was only a canvass to paint the characters and to understand them from different angles and perspectives. That is also the reason why we have three different timelines happening - to see the future, past and present emotions and lives of these people, how much they've changed or how much nothing really has changed. Directors are playing with these stereotypes throughout the episodes - at the moment you think you finally understood someone; they surprise you in the most unexpected ways possible.

Let's start with Martin Hart, as I like to leave the good parts for later. Marty is what you would call a typical detective, he is a family man, troubled with his inner demons, but nothing too much - you have a feeling with him that what you see is what you get and that he is a stable figure in this whole thing. Well, if you thought that, by now you probably realise you were wrong. After some episodes we find out about his marital problems, his daughters don't follow up on the perfect life that was expected out of them and the whole idea of a happy family is brought to ruins; deconstructed (the author really likes to do this). Marty is played very convincingly by Woody Harrelson who I really love as an actor and this role suited him perfectly.

HBO's property

But as you will soon realise - Rustin Cohle is the real star of the show. He starts of as a complete opposite to Marty - we see him as a nihilist, a man with pessimistic points of view on life, no family, no nice house to live in - he seems like a ruin of a man, especially talking from his modern day perspective where his physical appearance changed as well, he is thin, alcoholic and looks like the life has gotten the better of him.

HBO's property

But that is where you are wrong (although not completely) again - there are no black or white areas in this show; only a lot of gray. Cohle, although he has deep issues, also understands life better than any other characters on the show, he is stable - which you would never guess at first, he stands with both feet on the ground and knows what he wants, and more importantly what he doesn't want. Matthew McCounaughey nailed this part and he is in for a lot of awards to come. I imagine this will be a great year for him. Couldn't think of a better actor to play this role.

I think it's obvious by now that the characters are made as multidimensional as possible; they each play with different roles throughout the episodes and we can witness how they change under the effects of the ongoing investigation and their private lives.

Mythology of the show

The first big scene of the show is the murder scene of Dora Lange. When you see this you will realise that this is no ordinary tv series and that the killer isn't something you're used to while watching CSI.

These artistic killings first appeared in Hannibal (that I am aware of) and they were a sick combination of beauty and gore. Same thing with Dora Lange as we see her in a praying position tied to a tree with a crown of thorns and antlers upon her head.

As the story goes on we soon find out that the killer liked to leave figurines made out of twigs and branches at different crime scenes; we also find out about a cult behind the killings who worships someone known as the Yellow King and something called Carcosa.

These rituals are, as it appears, under the influence of early Courir de Mardi Gras celebrations, paganistic rituals and heavy drugs. Courir de Mardi Gras is an event held on tuesday before the Ash Wednesday - also known as the Fat Tuesday.

It is the last day before the Lent when you can eat what you want and act in all sorts of carnevalesque ways - similar to carnivals in Europe. Authors of the show also found some information about people dressed as animals, blindfolding the little girls and dressing them up in crowns of twigs...This seems to be the main mythological background for the killings.

HBO's property

There are also some weird spirals found on the dead bodies and inside various murder scenes. As far as we know by now, they represent Carcosa - the Time Eater, whatever that meant.

This obsession with circular time is what drives the show in some ways: Cohle's philosophy often suggests that everything is constantly repeating and that because of this, most things are meaningless. They will catch the killer but some other murder will already be happening in different parts of the world and you will never be able to stop that. I personally think that these spirals represent the Time constantly flowing in circular motion.

They also found this in front of the murdered Dora, a wreath made of branches, which looks like a window - a portal maybe, and she is posed as if she is praying in front of it or praying to it.

HBO's property

Interesting enough for you yet? There are many theories on the origins of the series mythos, which is really well developed, and it's hard to explain it all in one post. But I hope I at least intrigued you to take a look at this show and to approach it with an open mind. Don't forget - when you touch darkness, the darkness touches you back.



The makeup look & crown of thorns

As mentioned before, I decided to make my own interpretation of the show's atmosphere, colors and show it in an artistic way with makeup, since that is what I probably do best when it comes to any forms of art - or at least, this is not as bad as my other attempts :)

I was collecting twigs and branches for the last week, just to find the perfect ones, needless to say people looked at me weird and I felt weird myself but what the hell, crazy is what suits me. After a lot of work I made this wreath and I think it looks kind of beautiful although its symbolism is now connected to the murder scenes, but still, if you look at it, it reminds me of wreaths we used to make when we were kids.

The makeup look was inspired by the show's atmosphere, scenery and colors. There had to be a lot of dark green of course, to reflect the woodland areas, there had to be some yellow and gold for the Yellow King, and there had to be some spirals involved. This is not something to wear on a daily basis, but you can use it for masquarades or carnivals or Halloween.


That's all from me for now! Did you like this post? Would you like to see more of these in the future? Tell me in the comments down below! :)

Until next time,

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  1. Preludo!!! Odlična ti je ideja, baš je pravo osvježenje :) Baš je dobro kruna ispala i oči su ti totalno spooky...ja glasam za još puuuno ovakvih postova!

    1. Hvala ti! Bio je ogroman rizik ovako nesto probati, uzasno me strah reakcija bilo :) drago mi je da je prvi komentar pozitivan :)

  2. Ja nisam neki fan serija, ali ovaj look inspiriran serijom na kraju mi je zakon! Super si to napravila!

    1. Hvala :)) bas mi je drago da ti se svidjelo! :)

  3. Ovo mi je odlično :) Cijeli look i šminka i fotke, a kruna je super :)

  4. oke skidam seriju haha :)
    super look i odlično izvedeno :D

  5. najbolja serija, šteta što ima još samo jedna epizoda, pa moramo čekat sljedeću sezonu.

    1. Da, steta stvarno. :/ i zanima me kako ce izvesti novu pricu, da li ce moci nadmasiti ovo do sad napisano i tko ce biti novi glumci :)

  6. nemam pojma šta sam uopće očekivala od ovog posta, ali look me baš iznenadio, skroz je cool i originalan, bravo :D
    a sad si me nagovorila i da potražim seriju ;)

    1. Haha bas mi je drago da ti se svidjelo :) potrazi, vjerujem da te nece razocarati, ima 9,5 na imdb ocjenu ;)

  7. Wow! I love that you included a background information for those of us who are not very familiar with the show! The look is an amazing interpretation! Great job!! :D :D

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! And hopefully I inspired you to take a look at True Detective! :)


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