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Hello dearies!

Today I decided to do something different, since I'm feeling a lot better and I finally have the time to do this post which was requested a long time ago by some fellow bloggers.

As those of you who read me already know, I recently transfered my blog from Wordpress to Blogger, for many different reasons, which will be listed below. If you ever wanted to do that with your blog but you didn't know how, this walkthrough tutorial is the right thing for you! I apologise to all non-blogging readers who will be bored by this, you can skip this post if you want :)


Why Blogger? 



For me, the reasons were simple. I just wanted to have more control of my website and to be able to alter the HTML code whenever I feel like it. On Wordpress (.com) you can't do that unless you pay ridiculous amounts of money, and even with that, I'm not sure you can have full access. Why is that so? Well, Wordpress has an array of already finished themes, options, which are all done professionally by experts. And you can modify these themes for free to some point - and again - if you want to have more access - you will have to pay. You see the problem yet? On Blogger everything is free; you can just upload the HTML design you want and have your own personalized blog in a few seconds. You can also upload different gadgets here, install Google Analytics and so on. - this cannot be done on Wordpress (.com).

Wordpress (.org) is a different thing. And for using that you will probably need a help of a professional since you will have to deal with SQL servers and all those things you probably never even heard of or you don't know how to use properly.

Some people like Wordpress better because they consider it to be a more stable platform, with more built in options - or to say it bluntly - WP is great for people who know nothing about web coding or programming and they want it all done for them. If you're like that - choose WP, it is much easier to handle. WP is also a smarter platform, meaning it counts blog hits (for example) more accurately - Blogger counts even your own visits to your blog which is ridiculous as you can simply install a clicking program and get a million clicks in a few days. But with Google Analytics you will get the real picture of your blogs visit. Again - on Wordpress - these clicks are acurate and true! Also, commenting is much much easier and better on Wordpress - as you get the notifications instantly. So again - WP is smarter and more stable, but you don't have the power to change much there.

If you're interested in learning some new skills and want to be more creative with your posts - Blogger might be better. And that's why I chose Blogger. :)

How to transfer my blog without losing content?

If you made your blog on Wordpress and now want to move it to Blogger, this tutorial is the right thing for you.

The transfer is very easy, the only problem is if you purchased a domain and registered it on Wordpress, the domain transfer will take some more time, but let's talk easy things first.

I'm guessing you don't want to lose your posts and your comments right? So the right thing to do is to log in to your Wordpress account and go to your blogs Dashboard. 

Once you're in the Dashboard - you will see the menu on the left side of the panel. Choose Tools and then Export. This will alow you to export your whole blog in the form of a file which you can save on your desktop. Choose the Free Export option (there are only two to choose from).

And now - if you have only a few posts on your blog (meaning 5-10 posts) you can choose the option All content. But since you probably have more posts, choose the option Posts. This will transfer all your posts and comments. But, since the file we are exporting is going to need converting, you will need to make it smaller. Meaning - you will have to export Posts two or three times, depending on how much posts you have. My advice is - choose posts from two months only (for example posts from December to February). If you write a lot of posts - meaning - more than two-three times a week, you will have to do this for every month individually. Why? You will know soon.

Ok, now click Download Export File. Once you've saved the file somewhere on your computer, it's time for converting. I will give you a link to the program which converts Wordpress export files to Blogger files. The thing with the program is - it won't accept files larger than 1 MB!!! That's why we had to split our export files into more than one.

Once you've downloaded the file, repeat the same thing for your other posts. Now choose posts from February to April for example. And repeat the process. Download, convert.

You can convert the file here:

When you save your converted files (all of them) on your desktop you will be ready to create your Blogger account. I won't go into that since it's really easy, just register and make your new blog there.

Once you've done that - it's time to import all your files (your posts and comments) to Blogger.

Go into your Blogger's dashboard or control panel and click on Options, then Other. On the top you will see the option for Blog import and Blog export. Choose Import Blog.

Now do this for all your exported files. Choose import, upload the exported file you CONVERTED and saved on your Desktop and save the settings. Do this again for all the files you have. Remember to only upload converted files since Blogger can't read Wordpress files.

That's it! You now have your old blog on Blogger. 

Remember: if you have a lot of posts, this will be impossible to do since the program allows only 1mb of uploading, and unless you are willing to do this for a few days, it's maybe better to just transfer some recent posts and forget the old ones. It's up to you.

You will lose: your blog hits and statistics, I'm sorry but it's inevitable. Don't worry you will soon get enough new visitors and I always thought numbers are a bit boring, right? It's important you have your content.

Your blog will remain on Wordpress as it was before so don't worry, the export doesn't delete the posts, it just helps you save them externally. 

That's it from me, if you want to know how to transfer your domain to make it point to your new blog instead of the old one, I will do another post, just say here in the comments! (For example my address has always been, but now it leads you to my Blogger blog and not my old Wordpress one. If you had an address that ends in (for example, it doesn't matter, you can't transfer that, just make a new blog with whatever name you want on Blogger).

Until next time,


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  1. super post :)
    lijepo si se potrudila sve objasniti :)
    mislim da ću ostati na wordpressu, jedino ako me na ljeto uhvati neka velika inspiracija za mjenjanjem dizajna bloga, onda ću razmisliti.. definitivno ću bookmarkat ove ovaj tutorial, da mi posluži u tom slučaju :)

    1. Hvala :) da, to mozda nisam spomenula, ali ako se planiras seliti uvijek je bolje sada nego kasnije dok jos nemas hrpu postova, statistike i svega, tako da dobro razmisli i odluci, ako ce trebat pomoc javi :)

  2. Super post :) I ja smatram da je mnogo bolji blogger jer je povezan sa g+, sve datoteke su na jednom mestu, mnogo vise mogucnosti pruza sto se tice povezanih sadrzaja, kao i sa pametnim telefonima. Dopada mi se redizajn bloga, izabrani template, volim tu girly notu, ali smatram da su malo skupi, danas se moze sve manje vise napraviti sam :)

    1. Hvala, bas mi je drago da ti se svidja :D ma istina, bas sam neki dan pricala s deckom, ne placas ti kod tudjeg dizajna mudrost izrade jer to naravno mozes i sam, ali oduzelo bi ti to tjedan-dva, tako da to sta platis je necije vrijeme da to napravi :/ a kako ja nisam imala vremena, a imala sam novaca eto. :D

  3. Znači, ako želim imat GA ne smijem ostati na WP-u? Odličan post. Baš si vrijedna. :-)

    1. Da, ako hoces GA dodji ovdje na Blogger i po mogucnosti sto prije, dok jos imas malo postova. :) hvala ti puno!

  4. Divno si sve objasnila, i kao što sam već na svom blogu napisala, ja sam najiskrenije mislila da je to puno kompliciranije za izvesti. Ja sam se nekako udomaćila sa WP-om i sad mi je nekako sve teže i teže napraviti transfer bloga, još mi k tome treba i domena...U svakom slučaju treba se primiti posla, a ja sve nekako to odgađam. Hihi. Fala ti puno na ovom postu, zaista! <3

    1. Haha, ma nije, jednostavno je jako, vidim da se ti kuzis u dizajn i to pa ti nece biti problem! Bolje sada nego kasnije :)


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