Vichy Aqualia Thermal: Night Spa


Hello everyone! 

It's good to be back. I was absent for a week because I had some issues that needed to be resolved, regarding my graduation paper and so on. Also, I was busy trying to find the perfect material for my Daenerys blue Qarth dress which I will be making for a video tutorial and an upcoming convention here in Zagreb. I finally got the fabric and the craftsman foam for her belt and shoulder pieces. The wig has already been ordered so yay, pretty excited about all that! I just have to figure out what type of makeup I want to wear while cosplaying Dany; it could be hard to accomplish her effortless and natural beauty.

On to the review!

Vichy's Aqualia Thermal (Night Spa) is a rejuvenating night cream which received so many positive reviews in the past, it would have been a shame not to try it myself. At the time (2 months ago) I was just looking for a night moisturizer and this seemed like the perfect choice.

Why you ask?

Because I've been looking for a moisturizer which won't make my skin oily, but will give it hydration, also I needed something light, with a gel texture because I didn't want my pores to get all clumped, causing me breakouts the other day. I came across two moisturizers that seemed ok, first was the Antipodes night treatment (with avocado and pear) and the second one was this night spa treatment from Vichy.

Read more if you want to find out my impressions...

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Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe


Hello everybody!

Since my mom and I are doing this delicious cake today, I decided it would be better to share it
with you than to write another beauty related post. Hope you will like it. This is a cake I first
tried at one of Zagreb's most famous patisseries (Vincek) and fell in love with the rich taste immediately.

If you like regular cheesecakes, I have to warn you, this one is like a million times
better and tastier! :)

*picture found on google

I personally don't enjoy cream cakes that much and it's hard to please me when it comes to the sweet stuff. But after trying this one I knew it would be something that I would do  regularly in my cooking routine since it is super easy to do and the ingredients are not too expensive. Most of them are probably already sitting in your cupboards.

Read more if you want to find out the recipe!

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How to transfer from Wordpress to Blogger


Hello dearies!

Today I decided to do something different, since I'm feeling a lot better and I finally have the time to do this post which was requested a long time ago by some fellow bloggers.

As those of you who read me already know, I recently transfered my blog from Wordpress to Blogger, for many different reasons, which will be listed below. If you ever wanted to do that with your blog but you didn't know how, this walkthrough tutorial is the right thing for you! I apologise to all non-blogging readers who will be bored by this, you can skip this post if you want :)


Why Blogger? 



For me, the reasons were simple. I just wanted to have more control of my website and to be able to alter the HTML code whenever I feel like it. On Wordpress (.com) you can't do that unless you pay ridiculous amounts of money, and even with that, I'm not sure you can have full access. Why is that so? Well, Wordpress has an array of already finished themes, options, which are all done professionally by experts. And you can modify these themes for free to some point - and again - if you want to have more access - you will have to pay. You see the problem yet? On Blogger everything is free; you can just upload the HTML design you want and have your own personalized blog in a few seconds. You can also upload different gadgets here, install Google Analytics and so on. - this cannot be done on Wordpress (.com).

Wordpress (.org) is a different thing. And for using that you will probably need a help of a professional since you will have to deal with SQL servers and all those things you probably never even heard of or you don't know how to use properly.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


Unfortunately, I'm sick while writing this post, having a flu or something...hopefully it will get better tomorrow because this is not fun at all.

Yesterday I finally realized that I never wrote a review on my favorite eyebrow pencil, and it is really the thing that I use everyday ever since I bought it. I'm talking about Anastasia's Brow Wiz in the shade Medium Ash.

My relationship with eyebrow pencils didn't really exist before this one; because I never managed to find the right shade. My natural brow color is ashy brown - so it's not grey, and it's not brown either. Luckily I saw this beautiful shade at Essiebutton's blog and decided it would work for me! And it did, I wouldn't change it for the world.

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte 07 Nude-ist!


A quick request before the post: if you followed me on Bloglovin before - please do it again!! Just click follow in the widget section on the right. Since I switched from Wordpress to Blogger, my Bloglovin account has changed. Thank you in advance!!

So today I decided to review this new product from Bourjois which I have been using for the last couple of weeks. It is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte lipcolor in the shade 07 (Nude-ist!).

I don't usually wear matte lipsticks but since Bourjois is my favorite drugstore beauty brand I decided to give this one a try. They are available in 8 different shades but I decided to go for this one since it is the lightest among them and the other shades seemed too dark or too vivid for me and my skintone.

Although I was a bit sceptical at first, this lipcolor soon proved to be an amazing product which I would recommend to all of you for this spring/summer season! Read more if you want to know more about my impressions.

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Series inspired: True Detective

Hello everyone!

I have something very different for you today and if it works out, I will be doing a lot more of these posts in the future. I was a bit sceptical about doing this since I know most of you reading my posts are makeup or fashion lovers, and tv series are maybe boring or uinmportant to some of you reading this right now. But seeing that watching tv shows is a big part of my daily life routine, it would be unfair not to give that part its own section and see where it takes me.

The idea was this: to give you a brief analysis of the specific tv show in each post and then at the end, show my interpretation through makeup. They won't necessarily be makeup looks you can wear every day, just think of them as an artistic expressions.

I will only be doing these for tv shows that I truly like and that have left some impact on me, such as this one, the True Detective.

Associating tv series with art and then, with possible makeup looks, first came into my mind while watching NBC's Hannibal (he will get one of these soon). It is amazing how the directors and art directors and actors all work together to create a synthesis of visual and sound effects for you to enjoy. How well played that is and how certain interiors or clothes reflect moods and ideas of the characters. When I saw the first episode of the True Detective, I knew the same thing was happening again, but this time I decided to do something with it and transform it into my own idea. Let's start with an analysis of the show and the artistic mythology behind it! Read more if you're interested in this!

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Maybelline Color Elixirs by Color Sensational

Hello everybody!

I finally managed to find the time to take some pictures and to compose a review of these beautiful lipcolors. In case you never heard of them and you don't know what I'm talking about - it's the Maybelline's new trend: Color Elixirs by Color Sensational.

But don't get superexcited, I didn't get all of them (!) - just the two I thought were the most beautiful and suitable for my skin color. The shades I got were #080 Captivating Carnation and #075 Fuchsia Flourish. Read more if you want to find out my impressions!

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Disney Princess collaboration: Aurora/Sleeping Beauty


Hello everyone!

Recently I was asked by Jules (For Vanity's Sake) to participate in her bloggers collaboration and the theme was Disney princesses. Not surprisingly, I was offered to do Aurora since she is, as you all know by now, my absolute favorite princess.

I tried to recreate the cartoonish/cosplay type of look to make myself as close to her as possible, and although I don't have the original dress or a wig for this costume, I did the best I could with the items I had...and my new tiara has finally turned out to be useful :)

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