Wet n Wild Silk Finish & Mega Matte lipsticks swatches and review!


Hello guys :)

Today I will show you two beautiful lipsticks that recently came into my posession after Wet n Wild Croatia kindly decided to send them out to me for testing; meaning that this review is sponsored by PR products but it doesn't make it any less sincere or objective (as much as objectivity is possible).

prvaAs you can tell by these pictures the shades I got were from two different ranges of lipcolors: The Silk Finish line (shade Dark Pink Frost) and the Mega Matte line (shade Mauve Outta Here).

Although the name itself suggests the texture and finish of these lipsticks, I will do a quick review of my first impressions to let you know if you should check them out or not, and I will try to present to you their positive and negative sides which came into my attention after trying them out!

Let's start with the first shade: Wet n Wild Mega Matte lipstick in the shade Mauve Outta Here*!

1. FINISH: As the name suggests it is a matte shade - but not in a typical sense of the word; it will not dry out your lips or leave them completely shineless. It has a subtle shine, and a texture similar of Revlon Lip Butters - it is matte only in the sense that it isn't shiny or shimmery. But if you're looking for a completely matte lipstick - maybe you should skip this one. Although in my opinion these formulas look much more natural than the completely dried out matte lips.

2. SHADE: The shade I got is called "Mauve Outta Here". It isn't a mauve shade, it is instead a blue toned fuchsia, in my opinion, one of the most natural looking in this shade range. It will give your lips a touch of color without turning you into Morticia Adams. I can't wait to start combining this with my Book of Shadows eye palette :)


3. PACKAGING: The packaging is something most girls will frown upon when it comes to the Wet n Wild brand. But not me. I don't see any bad sides to the plastic case, especially since much more expensive brands such as Lancome, also use plastic (maybe a bit firmer but still breakable). If you take care of it like you do with all your makeup, there shouldn't be any problems. The top case is transparent so you can see the shade of the lipstick without having to open it - a big plus!

4. LONGEVITY: This lipcolor is matte meaning it will stain your lips - it's even hard to take off. If you want a long lasting lipstick, this one is highly recommended.

And how it looks like on me...

On to the second lipcolor I got in this generous package from Wet n Wild Croatia - the Silk Finish lipcolor in the shade Dark Pink Frost*.

1. FINISH: It truly has a silk finish and in my opinion a really strong shimmer, even glittery shine. If you don't like these types of lipsticks then skip this one. But if you're into it and you want a princess-like lipcolor that will make your lips appear brighter - why not? It is hydrating and soft on touch so a big yes from me.

2. SHADE: Shade I got is called Dark Pink Frost suggesting it is a cold pink color - which is not true. It is not by any means a cold shade, instead it has a very warm, golden shimmer underneath the pink blushy color. If I had to compare this shade to any other I would compare it to the Sleek's Rose Gold blush (NARS Orgasm).


3. PACKAGING: It is the same as with the previous one so I wouldn't really like to repeat myself - plastic case with the transparent top. It is practical and pretty, I didn't have any breakage issues with these lipsticks.

4. LONGEVITY: It isn't a long lasting shade as the previous one but it will stick for a decent amount of time. You can always repair it if you would like a stronger finish. But if you want a long lasting lipstick that will endure food and drinking - maybe choose the Mega Matte line instead.

How it looks on my lips...


And some swatches of both shades on my arm:



I like these lipsticks especially because they are so affordable (around 4-5 $ each) which is amazing! Their quality can be compared to much more expensive lipcolors such as Max Factor or Revlon. I would recommend the Mega Matte line for those seeking to find a matte, long lasting lip color similar to lip butters and the Silk Finish line to those looking for a shimmery and bright shades.

Have you tried Wet n Wild lipsticks? If you did, what's your impression?


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  1. Predivno ti stoji. Prvi mi je zakon!

  2. Obadvije nijanse su predivne, ali veci favorit mi je drugi xD

  3. Meni je isto prvi bolji :D hvala :*

  4. Haha meni je bas prvi bolji, ali oba su prekrasna bas, trebas vidjet uzivo :D i ja one tvoje hocu vidjeti

  5. The first shade is such a nice color... I wonder how that would look on my skin tone...

  6. I think it would suit you well :) it's really pigmented so if you have Wet n Wild in your country try them out, for that price you have nothing to lose...

  7. Prvi mi se više sviđa, nisam još ništa njihovo isprobala, ali se nadam da budem jer za takve niske cijene, isplati se isprobati. :)

  8. Pa da, nemas sto izgubiti prakticki :) Meni je isto prvi ljepsi!

  9. Gotta love Wet n Wild! I have very similar lippies. Great taste, girl :)

  10. prva mi se sviđa :D

  11. They were actually sent out to me so I didn't choose them myself, but the colors are great! :D

  12. Prvi ce biti odlican za proljece vec vidim :)

  13. joj kako su diiiivni, a gdje god se okrenem svi pišu o njima. :**

  14. Isplati se probati, posebno ovu Mega Matte liniju koja je bas kvalitetna :) :*

  15. volim Mauve Outta Here, ali na meni ne izgleda tako
    Ovu drugu liniju nisam probala :)

  16. Meni je ta Matte linija i bolja od ove Silk Finish :) da, slike znaju zavarati, na meni je uzivo vise fuksijasta manje ljubicasta, no u svakom slucaju super nijansa!

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  18. Super su mi njihovi ruževi, imam Sugar plum fairy i mislim uzet još neku nijansu. Ove dvije nisu nijanse koje bi inače nosila, ali tebi dobro stoje. :)


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