Natural anti-acne cleansing mask - home edition!

Hello my dear readers and followers! :)

After having some skin problems throughout this winter and after being kind of sick of trying out different creams and gels and remedies, I decided to mix together some of the best natural ingredients for skincare (inspired by Michelle Phan's latest video on rice and honey scrub - check it out!) and found out that they are so super simple and easy to get that it would be a shame not to try this at home. I added some of my own ingredients just to make this better for you and I will explain to you why it is specifically these items that help cure and prevent skincare problems!

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DISCLAIMER: USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK - if you have extra sensitive or skin prone to allergies, maybe you should consult with your doctor before using home made masks. Also, you should know your skin type - if you have extra dry skin - skip this as it may dry it out even more. Now let's get to the good part!

Let's start with the recipe shall we?


  • 1 tablespoon of honey

  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

  • a few drops of propolis

  • optional: a few drops of cantarion/St.John's Wort/ulje gospine trave (croatian)


MIX WELL until honey is blended with the other ingredients - it has to look like a paste, smooth and soft! Apply generous amount on your face with cotton or use any other way that you like. Be careful - it's messy. Avoid eye area and nostrils - you don't want cinnamon getting in there, trust me. :)

LEAVE for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly! I wouldn't leave it over the night because honey can cause allergic reactions to some people - that's also the reason why we used LEMON - lemon is sort of an antidote to the possible negative effects of honey.

Ok so let's talk about the ingredients...why these, why not something else, what can you replace them with and so on!

HONEY - honey is nature's antibiotic. It helpfully treats acne and pimples, and it can also make your skin glow. Always use natural, home-made honey, refined sorts can cause allergic reactions! Honey is also antibacterial, it slows down aging and gives you that anti age effect, and it also helps open up your pores. It moisturizes and softens your skin!

LEMON - lemon is rich in vitamin C - which helps make your skin appear brighter, it removes all dark spots and works as a toner. You can add some lemon juice in water and use this as a natural face-mist or spray ---> you can replace lemon with strawberries or oranges, the effect will remain ;)

CINNAMON - it's a pretty harsh but helpful product and you should use it with care. Cinnamon dries out the skin and acne, it also helps bring up your blood flow so that you have better circulation in the face area (and more oxygen). I use it with all the other ingredients because on it's own it can be a bit too strong on your skin ----> use pure cinnamon, not the sugar kind!


PROPOLIS - this is used to repair damaged areas. Propolis has healing effects so consider it a priest among working ingredients hehe - > heals chapped skin, abrasions, injuries, repairs cells. It is a really beneficial and healthy product to have in your house.

CANTARION - out of all nature's remedies, this one has proven to be the most useful for me. It is an oil made from small yellow mediterranean flowers and olive oil. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It will disinfect your skin and soothe all damaged areas. Cantarion can also be used to treat SCARS and BURNT SKIN, so if you can get your hands on this - hurry up and do so! *if you don't have this in your house, you can skip it. the mask itself is strong enough even without cantarion.


And a silly picture of me with this mask on my face, I'm wearing it right now while writing this post...


Do you have any other recipes for natural face masks? Will you try out this one? Tell me your experience if you do!


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  1. Sviđa mi se kombinacija sastojaka, i za čudo sve ih imam u kući xD budem isprobala, kad budem imala "Treat myself" dan :D
    zanima me da li se može ta maska napraviti i koristiti više puta? Tj. da li može stajati u hladnjaku, ili na nekom hladnom/tamnom mjestu ili je za jednokratnu uporabu?
    Ako si možda navela negdje u tekstu, sorry :D

  2. Nisam navela, dobro si me sjetila, editirat cu post! Moze, u hladnjaku ako stoji ne bi trebalo biti problema, ali bolje ne duze od dan dva da ne bi limunska kiselina previse reagirala na ostale sastojke. Ja napravim ujutro pa stavim i onda imam i za navecer. To se inace moze svaka dva tri dana stavljati ujutro i navecer :) a ako nemas velikih problema onda jednom tjedno.

  3. Super post! :) Zanima me da li primjećuješ neke promjene? :) Tereza

  4. Zar nije ulje gospune trave komedogeno, pravi se od maslinova ulja i cvijeta gospine trave?

  5. Super je maska! Tako ju i ja radim, osim sto cesto cimet zamijenim dumbirom. Malo pecka, to je za ove upornije akne xD
    Nego, jedino napominjem da je ulje gospine trave fotoosjetljivo, pa bi preporucila nosenje spf-a i ja bih ga izbjegavala preko ljeta. Doduse sumnjam da bi tako mala kolicina ista ucinila, ali just in case :)

  6. Moram probati i đumbir onda! Fotoosjetljivo je da ga nosis po vani al ovako po kuci nece biti nista :D

  7. Od tog dvoje se pravi da, to sam navela u postu, a sad da li je komedogeno - to je ulje, pa moze zacepiti pore, no ne ide ga puno u ovo a i u kombinaciji sa drugim sastojcima meni je vise pomoglo nego sta mi je nastetilo :)

  8. Odmah se vide promjene na kozi, smiri se opcenito stanje i bude koza glatka i sjajna :) a posto to svi imamo doma isplati se probati

  9. Probaj, trebat ce ti par puta dok ne nadjes omjer koji ti pase, ja sam znala pretjerati ^.^

  10. To ces mi pokazati, necu probavati haha :P izvoli doci k meni, javno te pozivam, kad prodju ispiti pa cemo slagati maske i sminku probavati :D

  11. Imam i ja sve sastojke u kući nekim čudom, a moram priznat da si me sad podsjetila da nisam odavno stavljala neku domaću masku na lice. Samo Avene svako toliko se sjetim. Veceras se maskiram ovim ;) :-)

  12. Super, bas mi je drago da ces probati, javi rezultate! :)

  13. I've recently become really interested in home made remedies etc. I'll have to give this a go x

  14. Thanks for reading and yes, me too, trying to get away from chemicals as much as possible. P.S. test this mask on a small part of your skin to see if you're allergic to honey :)

  15. Ako vidiš pozitivne promjene, ja sam uvijek za home edition maske! Odličan post i s obzirom na sastojke mogla bih ju ja pokušat napravit. Nemam naviku isprobavati maske za lice, ali za kosu stalno nešto izvodim.

  16. Da, lice mi stvarno bolje izgleda od ove maske, smire se upale i bude nekako svjezije :) pokusaj prvo na jednom dijelu koze istestirati da ne bi na med dobila reakciju, da nisi slucajno alergicna, ali inace je super maska! Meni je isto ovo prva koju sam probala.


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