Lancôme Time to Dramat'Eyes makeup set

Hello guys!

It's been a while since this item first arrived at my home and words cannot explain how painful it was not to test it out before taking proper pictures of it, but it finally happened and I finally found the time to do all this bloggers stuff and here are my first impressions on this gorgeous set!

As those of you who read me already know - I bought this during the Feelunique's holiday discounts so it cost me much cheaper than it usually would - and I mentioned this at my new in post which you can check out here.

The set comes in this gorgeous red box which has tiny sparkles and glitter all over it so it seems luxury and expensive (which it is, I guess...). On the back side of the box you can see the inside of the set - all the items are shown here and also the three looks which you can create with this set - the soft, medium and high intense/dramatic look.

When you open this pretty red box - a makeup clutch covered in black glitter pops out!  I think you can use it as your evening purse without having second thoughts about it ;)

And when you open it...voila! Lots of makeup :)

First item in the set, and the reason I bought it in the first place is this gorgeous sleek looking palette - Ombre Hypnose Drama Eyes palette.

I liked the colors because they're a bit edgy and dramatic, not something I would usually buy or wear, but I think they will look nice on evening dates or special occassions! You can create softer looks with pink and silver shades and more dramatic ones with blacks. It comes with two brushes which I haven't tried out yet and I don't think I will considering I have my own eyeshadow brush, but maybe they turn out to be better than I expect them to be.

And some swatches of the shades...I'm sorry the pictures are so bad but I hope you can still see them as much as possible:

The second item in the set was this pretty red lipstick - Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Caprice (132). I don't know how to define this shade - it is a bright, cherry red, I guess the kind of shade you would picture Snow White wearing ;) it is beautiful but so bright and noticeable, you have to be extra careful while applying this...

Swatch on my hand:


And on my lips it looks like this:

The package is as you can see, black with golden parts so I would say, classic Lancôme. The shade itself is a bit shiny but it's not shimmery - something between a matte and cream consistency. It is super easy to apply but I would recommend using a lip liner because of the possible bleeding on the corners of the lips.

Another item that was in this set and that I ended up having a love/hate relationship with is the Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara.

Why hate and not just love you ask? Well, I have huge eyelashes. And by huge I mean - gigantic..meaning that using mascaras that enlarge them even more means turning my lashes into living spider legs. That's the reason why most of the mascaras my friends are using are usually too much for me, and I stick to those that just paint/blacken and separate my lashes. I don't need the enlarging part.

This being said - this is one of the most eyelash enlarging mascaras I have ever tried! Meaning - if you need this doll eyed effect, go get it now, it won't disappoint you. But if you're like me, maybe you should skip this one. The brush is pretty neat - it has smaller and larger parts so you can really get all lashes equally and it's a big plus from me.

Now let's see what it looks like on have been warned - too much is too much! This made my lashes look like fake ones and I don't like it so much to be honest.

In this set you will also get Lancôme Crayon Khôl which is just a regular black eyeliner.

It smudges if water gets into your eyes and it lasts for an average amount of time. I wouldn't recommend buying this since it's too expensive for something that Bourjois eyeliner does equally well or even better for less money.

I made a few pictures in which you can see the lipstick and mascara from afar, it doesn't look bad at all. I think I will be wearing this lipstick all the time! And I was thinking of making a special Valentine's day look with the Drama Eyes palette, what do you think? :)

That all from me for now, thank you for reading and commenting! Did you like this makeup set? Do you think it's worth the money? Share with me :)

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  1. Predivan mi je ovaj set. Htjela sam ga naručiti i u međuvremenu je bio OOS :/

  2. Da, koliko vidim ni sada ga nema :/ tako sam ja ostala bez Sam's Picks RT kistova :D ali mislim da se mogu zasebno kupiti ove stvarcice iz njega, pa ako ti se nesto bas jako svidi nagradi se :)

  3. set je ljepši nego što sam mislila! :) torbica i ruž su me osvojili <3

  4. Daa! Zaboravila sam spomenuti, ali taj dio u kojem stoji sminka se moze izvaditi iz torbice tak da je prazna i moze biti novcanik il nesto :) ruž je puno jaci uzivo, ali dobra boja

  5. Joj stvarno je krasan set... :)

    I da, zanima nas look za valentinovo s ovom paleticom :D

  6. Ruž mi se jako sviđa.. Messy hair ti odlično pristaje.. :)

  7. ajme ljepote, ne znam što reći, divno divno divno. a ruž tek...da imam doma ovaj set mislim da bih ju samo gledala neko vrijeme i ništa drugo.

  8. Haha, tako je i meni bilo, gledala sam ga samo dva il tri tjedna, ali ne toliko jer mi ga je zao dirati nego jer nisam htjela prije slikanja nista trositi xD hvala ti <3

  9. Dakle to je maskara kakvu ja trazim xD

  10. Ugh, I wish I had the same problem with my eyelashes! What a nice set, and the lip color is perfect for you!

  11. 1. Predivno nešto, 2.Ombre i frizura općenito ti je super, 3. Da barem ja imam takve trepavice i 4. Da, jedva čekam valentinovski look! :* :*

  12. Da! bila bi ti odlicna...sad ne znam da li postoji jeftinija alternativa jer ovo je samo kad kupujes skupo dosta :/

  13. Thanks :) and don't wish for that, it's almost impossible for me to find a mascara that suits me :/

  14. Awww hvala ti na svemu :) evo dam ti pola trepavica haha :**** bas si me razveselila u ovo kisno jutro :D

  15. nekako me ne impresioniraju sjenila ovako na prvu :/ ...ali zato maskara uopće ne izgleda loša...i daj šu tamo, imaš predivne trepke, budi sretna :)

  16. Haha ma pretjerane su :D a sjenila su onako, nista spektakularno, ja sam ih uzela jer nemam ovih crno-sivih bas previse pa da se nadje :)

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  18. Stvarno predivan set! Isprobala sam ruž, maskaru i olovku. Ovo mi je dan od najdražih crvenih ruževa. :)

  19. Kako ti se svidja maskara? Meni je ruz isto jako lijep, bas klasicna nijansa koju cu sigurno iznositi :)


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