Fairytale tag!

Once upon a time...well actually not so long ago, a fellow blogger tagged me in this magical tag. Her blog is called Mala Trubica (it's a Croatian blog). And I was instantly happy because I am literally obsessed with fairytales, with children's stories, princesess and all things related to it. They just remind me of my childhood, of my grandmother, of that carefree time when all I could do is play and imagine my future life. They provided a sanctuary for whenever I felt angry or sad, or just wanted to escape the dull reality.


Although I am 23 years old now, I still like those stories, despite all the feminist criticism and the deconstruction of the conservative ideals of beauty and morale which were cherished in stories such as the Sleeping Beauty.

I guess I have always been a bit older in my heart, not age wise, but perhaps considering the era in which I live, I never felt comfortable in the modernity (or the postmodern era in which we are now). Although I do like and use most of the high tech stuff it never brings me much joy and I think I would be happier if I lived a few centuries back when ladies were ladies and men acted like men. I am aware that most of that time is imagined completely wrong and that it was a time when a few people prospered but most were poor and the health conditions were terrible, but still, I like the idea of that time. The cohesion and small comunities, pretty gowns and manners. Although I am probably deeply fallen into romantic delusions.


I hope this long intro gave you some perspective into my relationship with magical things and the reasons why I would like this tag when most girls would probably consider it childish or stupid.

Also for those of you who don't know this - my blog is called Roseybelle because it is a combination of the two words which hold the greatest symbolism for me - Rose - name of my grandmother, my favorite flower and also the name of my favorite princess - The Sleeping beauty (or Briar Rose) and Belle - which is a word for beauty and also my second favorite princess :)

Let's get to the tag now shall we?

Snow White – Do you consider yourself beautiful?


I guess I do, otherwise I wouldn't be posting my pictures online that often. :P

No, just kidding, beauty is something extremely personal and individual, for me it's different that it is for my friends. I don't have an objective opinion of myself and of my appearance, but I am happy with the way I am now.

Sleeping Beauty – How many hours do you sleep at night?


At least 7-8 hours, but that's a minimum. I like to sleep a lot and I usually sleep 9-10 hours + I take an afternoon nap every day. It's no wonder  Aurora is my favorite princess. I never studied for the whole night because losing my sleep means spending the next day with headaches and being nervous for the rest of the week. You can take everything from me but let me sleep :D

Cinderella – Do you have a curfew?


No, I don't. But I have my own "curfew" meaning that I rarely stay up late or go clubbing or anything like that. It's just annoying to me and I like to stay at home with friends and my boyfriend, I don't drink so being late outside means helping others get on their feet and that is just exhausting and really not my idea of a fun time. So I'm usually home before midnight :)

Rapunzel – Do you love being outside?


Yes I do! I love spending time in nature, especially near the seaside where the air is fresh and clean. I don't like big cities and my ideal life would be in a place where nature/woods surround me all the time. Although I am afraid of spiders and most bugs but I would survive one way or another.

Beauty and the Beast – What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?


Their intelligence, kindness and their overall personality. But mostly intelligence - I am not a big fan of stupid or reckless people, people who act like they know everything and treat others miserably when they are indeed the ones who are dumb and ignorant towards others. I really don't have any physical features that attract me the most, it happened a lot of times that some really ugly actors were extremely handsome to me just because I liked their character on the show. And everyone would make fun of them and no one would understand what beauty could I possibly see in them. But it's true, if I like the way you talk and behave I will like you even if you're the ugliest creature that has ever walked this earth :P

The Little Mermaid – What would you sacrifice for love?


I'm not sure about this one, since my idea of love is different than what this question suggests. Why would you need to sacrifice anything for love? Love is the purest emotion and if you give your love to others and they respond back it shouldn't be about sacrificing anything but instead making room for more love in your life.  I have never been in a situation where my parents would forbid me from seeing someone or that someone I love would ask me to do something I don't want. There is no love in pain, but of course, all relationships require mutual adjustments and compromises.

Puss in Boots – Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?


Yes, I have a 14 year old dog called Furby. No one else at the moment but in the past I have had lots of different animals, an iguana, a bearded dragon, turtles, piranhas, cats, fish, birds..you name it, I had it. I would really like to have a japanese Akita dog because they are so pretty and special in character.

Pinokkio – What is your biggest wish?


To have happiness for me and all of my friends and  family. That includes health, love and of course a decent life. But on a small scale, my biggest wish right now is to enter doctorate studies and to get a PhD and to start working at my university.

Peter Pan – What is your mental age?


I solved a quiz the other day and it said - 38. So there you have it. I'm a middle aged woman.

The Snow Queen – Who is your best friend and what would you do for her/him?


My best friend is Ivana from Makeup and Other blog, we've known each other since we were 10 years old and that means something. I would probably do anything if she asked me, whatever is in my power to do. :)

*I made it a little bit shorter since it would take too much time to answer all the questions and I think these ones were the best anyway!

And in the end you can see my Disney princess collection that I got from Kinder egg chocolates, I'm still missing Aurora and Ariel :) ...and my tiara! We can all be princesses if we want to :)


I'm tagging the following bloggers:

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Of course you are all welcome to do this tag even if you're not mentioned here! Have fun doing it :)

And remember:



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  1. ajoj baš lijepi odgovori :)
    slažem se, i ja bih voljela da živim u nekim prošlim vremenima, gdje su neke ljudske vrijednosti više dolazile do izražaja, nego danas :/
    sviđa mi se kako si stavila Cosplay fotografije princeza i ostalih Disney likova :)
    awww hvala na odgovoru za Snow Queen :)

  2. Da, da bar imamo vremeplov :D
    hvala ti sta ti se svidja :)
    a za snow queen to vec znas i sama :**

  3. Kako lijepo! Ovo je baš poseban tag. Ili mi se barem tako čini radi puno prekrasnih slikica. Ah, Disney, veliki sam fan njegovih likova još od djetinstva.
    Baš si zanimljiva, posebno me iznenadilo koliko si različitih životinjica imala. A sleeping beauty me malo nasmijala. Ali potpuno razumijem, ipak je beauty sleep posrijedi:)
    Hvala ti na nominaciji :)

  4. Hehe da, poseban je tag stvarno zato sam ga i ispunila, druge najcesce preskacem :) ajde da me bar netko razumije, inace me uvijek zezaju oko tog spavanja popodne :P javi kada ispunis zanimaju me i tvoji odgovori :)

  5. Može! Kad se konačno uhvatim posla i ispunim tagove, se javim :)

  6. Draga, hvala na tagu! <3 Potrudit ću se napisati ga ako uhvatim vremena :))

  7. Nema problema, kad stignes :) kad bude ruzan dan za slikanje normalnih fotografija onda ovo dobro uskoci! :)

  8. Draga hvala ti na tagu, baš je zanimljiv kao i tvoji odgovori. :)
    Morat ću ga i ja napisat kad smislim adekvatne odgovore i uhvatim malo više vremena. ;)

  9. I so agree with your definition of beauty. If someone is mean-hearted or has a bad attitude, I automatically think they're unattractive. I enjoyed reading your responses :)

    I love this tag so much.
    I'm so excited to do this. I was just talking about a collab for Disney makeup earlier. Thanks again :D

  10. Drago mi je da ti se svidio! Nema zurbe, kad ti se i ako bude dalo, obavijesti me da vidim i tvoje odgovore :)

  11. I'm glad that we share similar opinions on this subject :) and can't wait to see your Disney inspired makeup, I think you would make a beautiful Jasmine <3
    And I haven't forgotten about your tag either, it will come up soon enough :*

  12. I was requested to do Pocahontas haha! I'm excited too but Jasmine would also be fun to recreate!
    No problem! Take all the time you need :D

  13. Pocahontas is even better, I haven't even thought of her! Let me know as soon as it's done, I'm thinking of making something similar myself as I really like cosplay and disney :)

  14. I love Disney too. Always have and always will. I
    will be 80 years old and still enjoy it :P

    You should join our collab, of course only if you want! Its Maria and myself so far and she's doing Snow White.

    As much as I'd like to buy a costume, I will only do makeup inspired look

  15. Btw, you can be Aurora if you want since she's your fave. :P

  16. Omg, thank you, I would love to!! if you want me to, of course :) don't want to be an intrusion...what do you think I should do?

  17. I just now saw this comment hehe, and Aurora would be great thanks :) let me know for when you are planning this and the details, you can contact me on email if you want :)

  18. Yay! So you're in then!
    We just literally talked about it a few hours ago so I'll let you know about details later! :D

  19. Hehe yes I'm glad to be in! :D okay, no rush then :) too bad we live so far from each other, I have lots of wigs and contact lenses at my home from all the cosplays I did before hehe, we could've exchanged stuff :) but it will be fun nevertheless!

  20. That would have been so much fun! Feel free to dress up, I think that would be awesome.

    I just don't have that stuff available to me without buying it or else, I totally would!

  21. You will look amazing even without the costume, I don't have the Aurora dress but will try to pull something off :) talk to you soon :*

  22. Super mi je ovaj post i divne sličice, hvata me nostalgija :)

  23. Hvala sta ti se svidja, da ja sam jako nostalgicna osoba, kod mene stalno nesto vintage i djetinjasto hehe :) ispuni ako ti se bude dalo :)

  24. kako si divno napravila ovaj tag, sad mi je još više drago što sam ga prenijela na tebe, od svih blogerica, ti si ga najljepše interpretirala. slike *.* ljubiiiim :**

  25. Aww daj ja cu se stvarno umisliti uz tebe haha :) hvala ti :) tag mi je bas bio po mom ukusu pa sam se valjda zato malo vise potrudila..nadam se da ce biti jos takvih :***

  26. Ja tek sad vidim da si nas tagirala. :D :D
    Hvala na tagiranju, nadam se da ćemo uskoro napisati! ;)

  27. Nema zurbe kad uhvatite vremena :) :D


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