L'oreal True Match Touche Magique concealer

Hello guys :)

This review was highly requested after I published my new in post so I decided to do it before any of my other reviews and also this item has been the one thing that I've been using constantly ever since I've purchased it so that's got to mean something good right?

The product I will talk about today is the L'oreal Paris True Match Touche Magique Illuminating concealer!

I have to say that I'm not really a concealer type of person - I don't use them that much and actually this one was the first one I bought after being hugely dissapointed with the Catrice concealer palette. Keep in mind that this is the True Match - not the Lumi magique concealer (which I would also like to try but it wasn't available at the time).


I bought it in the shade C3 rose beige which is my shade match for my beloved L'oreal True Match foundation. I have to say it really does suit the foundation shade and together they make a perfect combo - this concealer is just a little bit lighter than my foundation so it doesn't make me look like I've just come home from skiing and my eyes have that light circles that people get while wearing sunglasses all the time - you know what I mean right? It doesn't do that. Instead it gives you a light, illuminating touch, making your eyes appear wider and brighter. You will instantly look refreshed and younger even.

I've taken a picture of my eye in real close up so you can see that it covers up all my dark circles and makes the undereye area really bright! It also gives you a kind of glow - not an oily glow - a nice, natural, dewy finish. Well, it's not called the illuminating concealer for nothing. So I could say it is a two-in-one type of product - you can conceal your spots and imperfections and at the same time brighten up your face! I applied it under my eyes and along the browbone area.

*I don't actually have two pupils - it's just my camera reflecting in a weird way!


Applying it is super easy, even for clumsy people like myself - the stick comes with a brush from which little bits of product come out after you twist the bottom part and it's really easy to dose it and not use too much of it at the time. The brush can also be used for blending although I don't use it for that, instead I'm blending it with my own concealer brush (which is again a replica of Sigma brushes that I got from Ebay).


Price: It costs about the same as the TM foundation - 9-10 pounds or 15-20 $ (100kn). I bought it on a discount for only 65kn (10$).

Overall verdict: This is my favorite out of all winter purchases because it has proven to be the most useful one - this concealer instantly brightens up my dark areas and hides all my spots so even if I am too lazy to put on foundation I can just put on my BB cream and add a little bit of this to my problematic areas and voila - the skin looks perfect! You have to buy this product! No, I'm joking haha, because we recently had a discussion about bloggers making people buy stuff so no I'm not ordering you anything but I do recommend it and I hope if you do buy it you won't be disappointed. ;)

Have you tried this yet? Which concealer/highlighter are you using?



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  1. super što si ga ulovila ovak jeftino, iskreno meni je malo skup, a imam ful tamne podočnjake i catrice kamuflaža mi ih savršeno pokriva, a košta manje od 30kn. Opet s druge strane oću nešto što će mi i posvijetlit malo to područje.

  2. Ovo super posvjetljuje, ali jest da je skupo :/ no mozda bude opet snizeno pa ulovis!

  3. Nisam nikad probala ovaj. Jooj, ja stavljam hrpetinu toga na svoje podočnjake: Maybellline Affinitone, Max factor, Lumi Magique bazu, Golden rose... Svega pomalo! I često izgledam kao da sam dosla sa skijanja haha

  4. Hahaha skijasica <3 ma nekad i to izgleda dobro, ali ne treba pretjerati :P probaj i ovaj mozda ti se svidi. btw kakva je Lumi magique baza, mene jako zanima?

  5. Eto šta uradi! sad si ga ja želim kupit haha! zezam se :P
    čini mi se kao super proizvod kad se žurim nekud, i nemam vremena za uređivanje

  6. Haha ma kupi ga Milane :P a dobar je, nema sta. Ne moze True Match biti los ;)

  7. Čini se super. Mogla bih ga isprobati. :)

  8. Meni je za tu cijenu odlican, vjerujem da bi bio dostojna zamjena i nekim skupljim highlighterima :)


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