L'oreal True Match Touche Magique concealer

Hello guys :)

This review was highly requested after I published my new in post so I decided to do it before any of my other reviews and also this item has been the one thing that I've been using constantly ever since I've purchased it so that's got to mean something good right?

The product I will talk about today is the L'oreal Paris True Match Touche Magique Illuminating concealer!

I have to say that I'm not really a concealer type of person - I don't use them that much and actually this one was the first one I bought after being hugely dissapointed with the Catrice concealer palette. Keep in mind that this is the True Match - not the Lumi magique concealer (which I would also like to try but it wasn't available at the time).


I bought it in the shade C3 rose beige which is my shade match for my beloved L'oreal True Match foundation. I have to say it really does suit the foundation shade and together they make a perfect combo - this concealer is just a little bit lighter than my foundation so it doesn't make me look like I've just come home from skiing and my eyes have that light circles that people get while wearing sunglasses all the time - you know what I mean right? It doesn't do that. Instead it gives you a light, illuminating touch, making your eyes appear wider and brighter. You will instantly look refreshed and younger even.

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New in & winter wish list checkout!


As those of you who read this blog probably know, I recently had a post in which I've shown you my wish list and I'm so happy that most of these things actually got into my hands in this relatively short time! So if you don't remember the wish list - check it out here.

So yeah I did some shopping mostly on Feelunique which is an amazing website for beauty, skincare and makeup products and it ships worldwide for free! (if you spend more than 10 pounds, if not the shipping is still cheap)


As you can see on this picture I bought all kinds of things - skincare, makeup, hair items...and one of them was a gift (Estee Lauder Face Cleanser) that I won on a giveaway hosted by Beauty Blogette - her blog is amazing so you should definitely check it out sometimes!

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Skincare routine + giveaway! CLOSED

Hello everyone!

Since it was mostly requested on my facebook page I'm going to write down my skincare routine (for my face only this time) and I hope you all find some products that you will find useful in this post. Don't forget to read this until the very end where I'm having a small skincare based GIVEAWAY for you guys! So here are all the products that I'm currently using and as you can see - it's mostly Garnier.


Garnier has been my favorite skincare brand ever since high school because I like the fact that their products are light and non-aggresive to the skin, also most of their creams are based on water and hyaluronic acid which I find most suitable for my skin type.

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Wet 'n' Wild: Undercover!

Hello everyone!

today I will show you a beautiful nail polish that just came into my attention recently - it is the Wet 'n' Wild Megalast nail polish in the shade Undercover.

I've been looking for the perfect rosey/vintage shade ever since I've seen Essiebutton talk about her new L'oreal collection, and after seeing the Wet 'n' Wild stand here in Croatia I fell in love with this shade instantly! It's very feminine, neutral but yet has enough color not to be dull - a perfect spring or midwinter shade!

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Liebster Award tag post!

So, this happened...Roseybelle got her first Liebster award! I was nominated by Jules from For Vanity's Sake and I want to thank her so much for thinking of me while nominating all these great new bloggers!


I suggest you all go and visit her blog if you're into fashion and beauty :) and we all are, right? ;) so click here for Jules!

The purpose of this award is to spread the word about the new coming bloggers so you're supposed to tag only bloggers with less than 200 (or 2000 as some say) followers!

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Urban Decay part two: Book of Shadows vol. IV

Hello everyone!

So after my very first Urban Decay post (in cased you missed it click - here) which was focused on Glinda palette, the time has come for me to review the second item I got in my mail a few weeks ago and that is the beautiful Book of Shadows vol. IV.


As you probably could've guessed, Urban Decay has four Book of Shadows out, and besides this one, there was also an Alice in Wonderland themed book which was my absolute favorite but I couldn't find it anywhere without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it.

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Shopping haul: H&M, Zara, Orsay, Accesorize!

Hello everyone!

Today I will just show you a couple of things that I bought in these last few weeks, they were not all bought at the same time so keep that in mind, also, most of these things were bought on a discount and I'm so happy that I managed to catch these post-Christmas sales! So this is everything in one big picture:

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Urban Decay part one: Glinda palette

Hello everyone!

Finally the new post is here and what a better way to start a new week than with the Urban Decay palettes! I have to admit, this is my first purchase from them and alongside the Book of Shadows IV palette, my only UD possesion. But, I'm sure it won't last long and that I will be getting more of them in the future (preferably the new Naked 3 palette).

[caption id="attachment_353" align="aligncenter" width="640"]prvaslika Can you image the excitement of opening this package? :))[/caption]

This palette is based on the new Wizard of Oz movie called Oz - The Great and Powerful and besides the one that I have (Glinda) there was also one more available - the Theodora palette. With Glinda you can create the soft and romantic look Michelle Williams has when playing the good witch Glinda and with Theodora palette you can create a more smokey-edgy look based on Mila Kunis's role in the film.

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L'occitane Iris Angelica Sublime Beauty Cream

Hello everyone :)

Ever since BB creams (blemish balm or beauty balm) became popular on European market and that happened a few years ago - mostly because of Youtube's famous Asian beauty gurus such as Michelle Phan who recommended these creams as a substitute for regular foundation, I have been obssesed with finding the right one for my skintype.

The first one I bought was Garnier's BB cream which was too oily and heavy on me - until they introduced another one - made specifically for oily skin. This one has been my favorite for two years now but since it has that infamous alcohol scent and simply because I wanted to try something new - I decided to buy the L'occitane's Crème de Beauté Sublime Iris Angélique BB cream. And I have not regretted it.

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