Winter wish list and Feelunique discounts!

Hello everyone!

in this post I decided not to review anything but to instead show you a couple of things I'm hoping to get this winter or spring.
It is a nice way for me to have all of them saved in one place so I wouldn't forget what I wanted and so I wouldn't spend money on something else like I usually do. Most of these things are much cheaper now on Feelunique website and they offer some great deals for high-end brands - making them more available to wider audiences.

1. First is the thing that I've been wanting for months but never managed to buy it since I've always put it aside in favor of something else which was more needed or seemed more important at the time; it is the ultra-famous Mary - Lou Manizer by the Balm available for only 12 pounds on Feelunique (around 115 kn)

[caption id="attachment_290" align="aligncenter" width="512"]theBalm_Mary_Lou_Manizer_ The Balm: Mary- Lou Manizer, photo taken from[/caption]

2. Second is a foundation that I think would suit my skintype and preferences perfectly - it is the Lancôme Teint Miracle miracle foundation - the only problem is, I have no idea which shade to choose (actually having doubts between 005 beige ivoire and 010 beige porcelain - help needed please) since I'm really pale and most foundations look too dark on me. It is also discounted on Feelunique website - you can get the standard 30 ML bottle for 24 pounds (225 kn) now which is amazing considering the 34 pounds (360 kn) it costs here in Croatia at the moment.

[caption id="attachment_291" align="aligncenter" width="114"]lancomepuder Lancôme Teint Miracle,
photo taken from Feelunique[/caption]

3. Third is the new fragrance by Chloe - named simply Roses de Chloe which smells like a bouquet of freshly picked roses - very sweet and delicate - and if you like the smell of roses you will want to try this out! The bottle is super-adorable, vintage and feminine, just like I want them to be! The only problem is the price - it is very expensive at the moment (around 50 pounds on discount).

[caption id="attachment_292" align="aligncenter" width="512"]chloe roses Roses de Chloe, photo taken from Feelunique[/caption]

4. Fourth item on my wishlist is a lipstick which I loved ever since I've seen Michelle Phan wear it in one of her earlier springtime videos - it is the lipstick from Lancôme's Rouge in Love collection and the shade is 340 B - rose boudoir. You can get it on Feelunique now for 15% off - for only 17.85 pounds (around 160 kn).

[caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="167"]lancomeruz Lancôme Rouge in Love, photo taken from Feelunique[/caption]

5. Fifth item is this set from Real Techniques - Sam's Picks Collection which contains all the basic brushes you might need in your makeup routine - discounted 30% now on Feelunique and sold for 20 pounds (less than 200 kn). Too bad they are already sold out ;((

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Real_Techniques_Sam's picks collection Real Techniques Sam's Picks Collection,
photo taken from Feelunique[/caption]

6. And the last but certainly not least is this awesome set from Lancôme (my favorite from this wishlist): Lancôme Time to Dramat'Eyes Make-up Clutch which is really quite affordable now - it is 50% off on Feelunique - meaning that it now costs 23 pounds (220 kn) and it used to cost twice as much! In this set you get: Lancôme Hypnôse Eye Artistry Collection Hypnôse Drama Eyes Palette in Dr2 Mon Smoky 2.5g, Lancôme Hypnôse Eye Artistry Collection Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara in 01 So Black! 2ml, Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl 0.7g, Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Bx Lipcolor in 132 1.65ml and a Lancôme Black Glitter Clutch!
Lots of items for sure, and I think it is a great value for money. It will probably be the thing that I will be buying first since it will probably be sold out soon.


So that is all from me for now, what is on your wish list for this winter? Have you ever bought makeup or products from Feelunique store?

<3 Roseybelle
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  1. izvrsna WL :D
    i ja bi rado sve s nje (osim theBalm, MaryLouManizer imam i treba ti i divna je)

  2. Drago mi da ti se svidja :) joj, taj LouManizer odgadjam vec mjesecima, ali morat cu popustiti pritisku hehe

  3. Da i meni :D najpovoljniji je, gledala sam inace, samo ta paleta kosta 440 kuna eto.

  4. divna lista, i moram priznati da se i ja nekako nadam ovim Real Techniques kistovima. Ne možeš ih ne poželjeti :)

  5. Da, bas mi je zao da su ih rasprodali na ovom popustu, bila je odlicna ponuda :)

  6. Ah, Mary - Lou Manizer, jedva prežaljeni... Dugo smo se gledali i pipkali, ali sam ga na kraju ipak ostavila na polici. Sigurna sam da je divan na nekome tko zna s njim dobro baratati no zbog izuzetne pigmentiranosti meni jednostavno ne odgovara (nisam se snašla s njim). Teško mi ga je "dozirati" i zbog toga ga ne mogu uklopiti u svakodnevnu rutinu.

    Što se tiče ovog seta Real Techniques kistova - prati iHerb. Sigurna sam da će se tamo vratiti u stock, a i cijena je nešto povoljnija od one na Feelunique-u. :)

  7. Zao mi je zbog Mary Lou :( ali vjerujem da je jako pigmentiran, vidjela sam na swatchevima da stvarno bljesti na licu kad ga stavis (srecom meni to ne smeta toliko)...
    Da li znas za iHerb koliki je shipping za RH? Vidim da ih imaju za 30$

  8. Sve mi se sviđa! :D Posebno je divan ovaj Lancôme set. <3 Stvarno je povoljan.

  9. Drago mi je da ti se svidja :) a set je stvarno divan, njega sam si upravo narucila i ne zalim ni za cim hehe :D

  10. Sigurna sam da ću mu brzo naći zamjenu. :D

    Shipping ti je 4$ za paket do 1814 g. Ako naručuješ prvi put dobiti ćeš 5$ off tako da se u svakom slučaju isplati.

  11. Oh pa to je divno :D sigurno cu naruciti prvom prilikom, stvarno su jeftiniji od feelunique!

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