New in - L'oreal, L'occitane and more!

Hello everyone,

since I've been shopping quite a lot in these last few weeks,  I just wanted to show you a few of my favorite things that I got and that I will review in the near future - just tell me in the comments below which of these products would you like to hear a review about!

1. First is the new L'occitane holiday edition collection La Collection de Grasse: Fleur d'or & Acacia - in the set you will get a hand cream, a mini perfume bottle and a mini body milk all in one pretty cosmetic bag, all together a perfect gift for this Christmas! Love the scent of the collection and would like to write a full review as soon as possible.

[caption id="attachment_96" align="aligncenter" width="428"]IMG_1710 L'occitane Fleur d'Or[/caption]

2. Second is the best top coat you will ever use - Seche VITE top coat which gives you that beautiful gloss over any manicure but also helps your nail polish dry faster - it dries instantly so it's really helpful for us who don't have the time to sit and wait for half an hour for our nails to dry!

[caption id="attachment_91" align="aligncenter" width="410"]lak Seche VITE top coat[/caption]

3. Third is another L'occitane product - and that is the L'occitane Brume Lumiere Immortelle Brightening Mist - it is basically a face mist and a makeup fixator in one product. Smells like freshly cut grass, very nice and soft. I usually spray it after I apply makeup and it really helps it stick all day :)

[caption id="attachment_92" align="aligncenter" width="428"]l'occitane1 L'occitane Immortelle Brightening mist[/caption]
  4. Next up is another treat from L'occitane and that is their ultra-famous Almond Shower Oil (Huile de Douche - A L'huile D'Amande) and although it does smell nice, I wasn't quite as impressed with it as some of the other bloggers, but more on that if I decide to write a separate review!

[caption id="attachment_95" align="aligncenter" width="450"]ulje L'occitane Almond Shower Oil[/caption]
5. Last but certainly not least - something I've been waiting for a looong time to come to Croatian stores and I finally found it - L'oreal Collection Privee lipstick in the shade Doutzen's nude. She is my favorite model and I loved this color!

[caption id="attachment_94" align="aligncenter" width="500"]ruž L'oreal Collection Privee by Doutzen[/caption]
That will be all from me for now, tell me what have you bought in these last couple of weeks that you especially enjoyed or what is on your wishlist for this winter? :)

<3 Roseybelle
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  1. Probala sam ovo ulje za tuširanje i nije mi bilo ništa naročito, miris mi nije skroz legao i svejedno mi je koža i dalje bila suha nakon njega i morala sam se mazati. Iz Imortelle linije baš i ja trenutačno koristim par proizvoda :) i zanima me ruž, baš izgleda lijepa pinky boja!

  2. Da, mene je isto razočaralo jer za tu cijenu sam očekivala puno puno bolji efekt, slažem se s tim što kažeš, opet se moraš mazati kasnije :D
    Ruž ću pokazati uskoro swatcheve i napisati recenziju, danas sam ga prvi put probala i ok je, jedino ako imaš ispucale usne zna se zavući u rupice jer je onako frosty ružičast, ali lijep je svejedno :)

  3. koliko lijepih stvari!! najviše mi se sviđa ova slatka torbica :D

  4. I meni je preslatka sa malim paketićima haha :D

  5. super noviteti <3
    ja volim ovo loccitane badem ulje za tuširanje, no više zbog mirisa nego zbog njege. iako je meni i njega dovoljno dobra osim zimi, tada trebam češće mazalice, a i inače imam suhu kožu tijela

  6. Da, moguće da je bolji ovako u ljetnim mjesecima, a miris ne osporavam, kremu za ruke imam samo radi mirisa haha :D

  7. I absolutely love L'Occitane!

    - KW

  8. Me too! Great value for money <3


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