Non beauty favorites: tv shows!

So today I decided to do something different and that is that between my regular beauty related posts, every once in a while, I toss in a post regarding films I've seen, things I love outside beauty and product this time the topic will be my favorite tv shows/series.

Who doesn't watch them? Have you noticed how recently people are becoming more and more obsessed with shows such as Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and so on...? It seems they are getting more popular than the regular movies, and what's not to like, episodes are shorter than in an average film, plots are usually very well developed and the characters have more soul since you spend more time on getting to know them.

I can't remember ever watching as many tv series as I am right now, and the worst part is - they are all good! Actually they are all amazing! There are still so many I haven't seen yet and I'm already following a decent amount of it was very hard to pick my top five favorites and I would really like to hear your opinion on these ones and maybe suggestions for some others that I might like :)

Let's start:

1. SHERLOCK (BBC version)

[caption id="attachment_56" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sherlock-BBC Sherlock and Watson being cute[/caption]

This show deserves to be number one and everyone who has ever seen it will know why! The plot is brilliant, Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfect modern-day Sherlock, and Martin Freeman is a lovely Watson. What I like the most about this show is that there aren't too many episodes - only 3 per season, but the quality is amazing. They will always surprise you with new twists and interesting "bad guys" (can't forget to mention Moriarty played perfectly by Andrew Scott). Steven Moffat is behind all of this and if you love dr. Who you will know what I'm talking about. You've never seen it? GO NOW!! And then cry like the rest of us while waiting years for new seasons :(


[caption id="attachment_55" align="aligncenter" width="303"]sam-dean-supernatural-16744488-1280-800 Brothers looking hot![/caption]

Supernatural is one of those shows that really has a heart. And although they messed things up in recent seasons I still like to watch it because it brings back certain memories and nostalgia :)If you have never seen it - Sam and Dean Winchester are hunters but not in the traditional sense - they hunt all things, yes you guessed it - supernatural (demons, witches, strigas, vampires and even pagan gods). If you're into biblical mythology or love all things horror-related but not too scary - this show is for you.


[caption id="attachment_51" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Game-of-Thrones-cancelled-renewed-season-four *game of thrones theme* winter is coming la la *game of thrones theme*[/caption]

What to say really? Read the books, watch the show and get hooked like the rest of the world! Set in a fantasy but mediveal like setting, Game of Thrones follows up on the books by George R. R. Martin (The Song of Ice and Fire series). Court plots, epic battles, dragons, lots and lots of characters dying is what makes this show different from all the others I watch. And just to mention - the show is also filming in Croatia for the second (or third?) year now, yes that's right - in the city of Dubrovnik, and most recently Split and its area as well (you can see those scenes whenever King's landing is being shown).


[caption id="attachment_52" align="aligncenter" width="300"]hannibal1_2553735b Skulls and flowers...mmm[/caption]

This show just finished its first season a few months ago and I have to say - wow. No one thought anyone could replace Anthony Hopkins's portrayal of the cannibalistic but charming killer doctor and Mads Mikkelsen delivered the part beautifully. He gives away the same cold, intelligent, attractive-psychopath persona, and if you liked the Silence of the Lambs films you will probably enjoy this version too. They are not in any way similar, at least not plot wise: Hannibal (tv show) takes place in earlier dr. Lecter career, while he is still out of jail and free to do his famous dinner buffets. The authors of the show put a lot of work into developing complex psychological conversations and emotions of the characters are what guides this series. They really put a lot of effort on design as well - you will never see a murder scene that (if I may say so) beautiful as you will here, also doctor Lecter's office fits perfectly with his character and wait until you see the kitchen ;) highly recommended but not for those of weaker stomach or those who are easily psychologically disturbed - you will have nightmares.


[caption id="attachment_54" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Once-Upon-a-Time-in-Wonderland-Title-Card why is a raven like a writing desk?[/caption]

Ok so it's not like I don't have shows of higher quality (or more developed storyline) to offer but this one is just too cute! It is a new series by the same authors who made the original Once Upon A Time series (which I still watch but don't like that much anymore - annoying Snow White anyone?) but the plot takes place in Wonderland and focuses on Alice's adventures in finding her true love Cyrus. It is a really girly and lovely show for all of those who don't wanna put too much thought into something they are watching. Fashion wise it is spectacular just like the original Once Upon A Time (Belle in an Armani blue dotted dress, remember?) - Alice wears the cutest outfits and the Red Queen is also something :P

Other than these I still love and watch True Blood (Eric Northman <3), Walking Dead, Parks and Recreation, Community, Dexter (haven't finished it yet), The Big Bang Theory and lots of others!

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So tell me which tv shows do you like and what do you think I should watch next?

Roseybelle <3
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  1. Od navedenih gledam Hannibala, Supernatural, GOT, Walking dead i Community. Sve odreda odlične serije. Sad čekam da Hannibal krene s drugom sezonom. Počela sam pratit Breaking bad, jer je dosta hvaljena.

  2. Sherlock season 3 - 19.1!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Da, stvarno su sve super.. i ja jedva cekam Hannibala, bas me zanima kako ce se Wil snaci u novoj situaciji ;) kakav ti je Breaking Bad? Meni svi preporucuju a nekako me odbija :/

  4. Yes! Konacno nakon dugog cekanja haha :D <3

  5. Od navedenih, gledala sam samo GOT i naravno navukla sam se toliko da sam sve tri sezone pogledala u 2 tjedna. :D Sad jedva čekam proljeće slijedeće godine i 4. sezonu. :D

  6. Haha, a naravno :D cekamo svi. dok ne docekas, south park ima super epizode u zadnjoj sezoni gdje parodira GoT i Black Friday shopping maniju :D


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