Hair Care: L'oreal Ever Riche!


Today I will do a review of my favorite hair product range and that is the L'oreal Ever Riche line. I became instantly interested/obsessed with these products right after essiebutton did a review on her youtube channel and just felt like I had to try it as soon as possible. I didn't regret a thing and will definitely repurchase this set...find out why:

[caption id="attachment_68" align="aligncenter" width="571"]sve troje L'oreal Ever Riche hair line[/caption]

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Non beauty favorites: tv shows!

So today I decided to do something different and that is that between my regular beauty related posts, every once in a while, I toss in a post regarding films I've seen, things I love outside beauty and product this time the topic will be my favorite tv shows/series.

Who doesn't watch them? Have you noticed how recently people are becoming more and more obsessed with shows such as Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and so on...? It seems they are getting more popular than the regular movies, and what's not to like, episodes are shorter than in an average film, plots are usually very well developed and the characters have more soul since you spend more time on getting to know them.

I can't remember ever watching as many tv series as I am right now, and the worst part is - they are all good! Actually they are all amazing! There are still so many I haven't seen yet and I'm already following a decent amount of it was very hard to pick my top five favorites and I would really like to hear your opinion on these ones and maybe suggestions for some others that I might like :)

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L'occitane Shea Protects With Love collection review!


This is my first post and I decided to skip the part where I introduce myself and will rather get right on to the business part! :)

 Just one disclaimer before I continue: all of my posts will be written in english, mainly because I believe that this way they become more available to wider audiences and I wouldn't want to limit myself just to Croatian readers. I believe Croatian girls are as smart as they are beautiful and that they will have no trouble reading this...if they want to, of course ;) :)
Of course, you can comment on both languages and I will reply to you in the language that you posted. So let's get to it...

As you probably know, L'occitane always comes up with new limited edition shea collections and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, I missed their previous ones so decided to hurry up to the store this time and get them while they're still available. Although I got the collection, I still missed out on the cosmetic bag gift that you are supposed to get with this set, but eh, I guess I already have enough cosmetic bags and wether they really didn't have it or the girl working there decided to trick me - it doesn't matter - because I'm still happy for getting the chance to test out real goods and that is their amazing hand and body cream and a super-moisturizing lip balm. The price of the set is probably different around the world but it is around 40$ (225kn). And just to say - I'm not sure about the name of the collection - somewhere it says "Flowers of Love" and on other sites "Shea Protects With Love" so I decided to go with the one on the official L'occitane page.

[caption id="attachment_11" align="aligncenter" width="300"]L'occitane Shea Protects With Love set L'occitane Shea Protects With Love set[/caption]

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